Perusal Scores for PDF Download (emailed to you within 1 day of purchase)


Bridges - Chamber Orchestra
10.00 GBP

PDF Score for 'Bridges' - a 10-12 minute piece for chamber orchestra with electronic track in the third movement

Difficulty level: intermediate / suitable for youth orchestras


Sonnet 43 - Symphony Orchestra
10.00 GBP

PDF Score for 'Sonnet 43' - a 4 minute piece for symphony orchestra


Difficulty level: advanced


Three Miniatures - Symphony Orchestra


Perusal Score available here


Federalizing Zoo - Chamber Orchestra
10.00 GBP

PDF Score for 'Federalizing Zoo' - a 5 minute piece for chamber orchestra


Difficulty level: advanced

Federalizing Zoo - Wind Ensemble
10.00 GBP

PDF Score for 'Federalizing Zoo' - a 5-minute piece for wind ensemble


Difficulty level: advanced



Drought - Opera in One Act
20.00 GBP

PDF Score for 'Drought' - 45-minute opera for soprano, mezzo-soprano, chamber orchestra and electronic track


Difficulty level: advanced

Citizens of Nowhere - Chamber Opera
10.00 GBP

PDF Score for 'Citizens of Nowhere' - 35-minute opera for two sopranos, mezzo-soprano, oboe/cor anglais, bassoon and cello with optional electronic track

Difficulty level: intermediate/advanced

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