Uptake (2020)

Anna created a piece for alto saxophone, bass guitar and piano in collaboration with scientists Rachel Bearon and Joseph Leedale at the University of Liverpool as part of PRiSM 8 Cubed. You can view all of the online premieres by the Riot Ensemble here.

Figure 3. Multiscale modelling of drug transport and metabolism in liver spheroids (Leedale et al., 2020)
Composer Anna Appleby and Professor Rachel Bearon share progress on their collaboration at a PRiSM 8³ workshop 3 March 2020

Saxagon (2016)

Collaboration with Miranda Rimmer (saxophonist/composer) and Katrina Wilde (artist) at the Brighter Sound Wonder Materials Residency at the Science and Industry Museum, Manchester in 2016. Mentorship was provided by Anna Meredith and Eleanor Meredith. This piece was inspired by the hexagonal structure of graphene and by its elasticity.

Anna Appleby and Miranda Rimmer. Photos by Rachel Bywater courtesy of Brighter Sound 2016
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