Press Releases

RSNO Composers' Hub (October 2017)



RSNO Composers' Hub, RNCM Website (October 2017)



Streetwise Opera's New Production, Newcastle/Gateshead (October 2017)



Adopt a Composer (September 2017)



Rambert River Stage Weekend (August 2017)



Exchange with Dutch National Ballet (December 2016)



Rambert Appointment, The Stage  (October 2016)



Rambert Appointment, One Dance UK (October 2016)



Rambert Appointment, RNCM Website (October 2016)



Streetwise Opera Composition Residency (July 2017)



Streetwise Opera Announcement in Rhinegold (July 2017)




Chamber Opera (August 2017)



Ignition Dance Festival (June 2017)



Royal Northern Sinfonia (January 2016)


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