But the ones I found most powerful were Lucy Hale’s Kisses, Crosses, Losses, a slow, keening lament that continued the story of the 1914-18 tragedy, Anna Appleby’s Disabled, an unaccompanied setting of Wilfred Owen that formed a pivotal point in the evening, and Grace Evangeline Mason’s Lifted, an interlude of simple innocence that did what the title said, with eloquent melody, as a child describes the joy of solitude and the open freedom of the park. 


The Manchester Peace Song Cycle - Manchester Classical Music (November 2018)



Sounds of the geese and of water were prominent on the tape and to begin with, the three instrumentalists painted little dabs of musical colour over the sounds of the birds. Gradually the trio coalesced playing together in attractive and very poetic sounding music. Towards the end there was a resurgence of the geese and the water. The whole piece was very colourful in its evocation of the northern landscapes or should I say seascapes?


Nordic Viola at sound Festival - Alan Cooper (October 2018)



Dzierzon’s Cue, to music by St Hilda’s graduate Anna Appleby, is an exceptionally strong collaboration between composer and choreographer that began in the earliest stages of musical composition, resulting in a particularly satisfying close-knit work.


Motion and Meaning - Oxford Dance Writers (July 2018)



Tell Me the Truth About Love review – Streetwise Opera's wedding party packs a punch

4 out of 5 stars


Tell Me the Truth About Love - The Guardian (April 2018)



...the themes of loss, conflict and identity crisis which it highlights are complex and chillingly familiar in the current political climate. The intimacy of the RADA Studios gave composer and librettist Anna Appleby a fantastic space in which to explore these issues with some fresh and gripping writing.


Chamber Opera - Emily RH Wilson (August 2017)



Dane Hurst collaborated with the composer Anna Appleby to create the trio Citizens. The lyrical pyrotechnics of Appleby's sound score cum opera Citizens of Nowhere embraces every moment of this tautly and expressively choreographed piece which abounds with sometimes emphatic yet often conflicted partnerships.


Ignition Dance Festival - Tia Asterope (June 2017)



There was Anna Appleby, late of the Young Sinfonia orchestra, with her staccato and fragmented musical phrasings based upon Le Nozze di Figaro.


Royal Northern Sinfonia - The Chronicle (January 2016)





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