Press Releases

Tin Man tour (July 2023)



Laefer Quartet Commission (May 2023)



Piatti Quartet Commission (May 2023)



Nordic Viola Album Announcement (April 2023)



Opening of Glyndebourne Festival (May 2022)



Tin Man with Joss Arnott Dance (May 2022)



Glyndebourne Youth Opera (November 2021)



Corridor of Light (October 2021)



Riot Ensemble Online Premieres for PRiSM 8 Cubed (July 2021)



Glyndebourne 2022 Commissions (June 2021)



Glyndebourne 2022 Commissions - Oxford Music Faculty Website (June 2021)



Glyndebourne 2022 Commissions - Sussex Express (June 2021)



Fermata Festival - The Strad (May 2021)



Fermata Festival - The Cusp (May 2021)



Riot Ensemble Zeitgeist Commissions - HCMF (June 2020)

Manchester Peace Song Cycle (October 2019)



PhD Collaboration, RNCM Website (September 2019)



PhD Collaboration, Oxford Music Faculty Website (September 2019)



PhD Collaboration, MMU Website (September 2019)



Pop-Up Operas (June 2019)



Sound Festival (February 2019)



Glyndebourne (November 2018)



Glyndebourne, RNCM Website (November 2018)



Glyndebourne, Arts Industry Website (November 2018)



Glyndebourne, Journal of Music Website (November 2018)



Glyndebourne, International Arts Manager Website (November 2018)



Glyndebourne Announcement in Rhinegold (November 2018)



Manchester Peace Song Cycle (November 2018)



Streetwise Opera, Northern Echo (April 2018)



Colchester New Music (February 2018)



RSNO Composers' Hub (October 2017)



RSNO Composers' Hub, RNCM Website (October 2017)



Streetwise Opera's New Production, Newcastle/Gateshead (October 2017)



Adopt a Composer (September 2017)



Rambert River Stage Weekend (August 2017)



Exchange with Dutch National Ballet (December 2016)



Rambert Appointment, The Stage  (October 2016)



Rambert Appointment, One Dance UK (October 2016)



Rambert Appointment, RNCM Website (October 2016)



Streetwise Opera Composition Residency (July 2016)



Streetwise Opera Announcement in Rhinegold (July 2016)





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