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                                                               Complete List of Compositions


Turbines, symphony orchestra, commissioned by Making Music and Sound and Music with funding from the PRS Foundation for 'Adopt A Composer' with Merchant Sinfonia, 10' (2018)

Last Breaths, chamber orchestra, commissioned by Glyndebourne for 'Behind the Curtain', 1'30'' (2018)

Hypomania, symphony orchestra, written for the RSNO Composers' Hub, 10' (2018)

Three Miniatures, symphony orchestra, written for the orchestra of Dutch National Ballet, 4' (2017)

Definitions, soprano and symphony orchestra, premiered by RNCM Brand New Orchestra, 6’ (2016)

Federalizing Zoo, chamber orchestra, premiered by the Royal Northern Sinfonia, 5’ (2015)

To the Lighthouse, orchestra, premiered by RNCM Brand New Orchestra 4’30’’ (2015)



Drought, opera with libretto by Niall Campbell for soprano, mezzo-soprano, large ensemble and electronics. To be premiered by RNCM singers and BBC Philharmonic with funding from AHRC, 50' (2022)

Tin Man, ballet for horn, cello, percussion and electronics, commissioned by Joss Arnott Dance Company with funding from the RPS Drummond Fund, PRS, and Arts Council England, 45' (2022)

Citizens of Nowhere, opera-ballet for two sops, mezzo, oboe/cor anglais, bassoon and cello, choreographed by Dane Hurst, with funding from Arts Council England and Tête à Tête, 35' (2017)



Pay the Piper, commissioned for GYO with librettist Hazel Gould and Balancing the Score, 20' of 60' (2022)
Bird, countertenor and electronics, commissioned by Glyndebourne for Jamie Hall, 10' (2020)

We Did Our Best, collaboration with librettist Ruth Mariner, commissioned by Tête à Tête, 9' (2019)

The Manchester Peace Song Cycle: excerpt from 'Disabled' by Wilfred Owen, dir. Feelgood Theatre, 2' of 60' (2018)

 Tell Me The Truth About Love, linking passages as part of a production with Streetwise Opera, 23' of 60' (2018)

Kingdoms Come and Kingdoms Go, opera chorus with lyrics by Streetwise Opera performers, 4' (2016)

The Attic, tenor and mixed ensemble, opera scene for 'Performing the Jewish Archives', 8’ (2016)



Head Above Water, piano duet, commissioned by Joss Arnott Dance Company with funding from PRS and Arts Council England, 15' (2019/20)

CUE, two saxophones, trombone, guitar, piano, vibraphone, written for Ensemble Klang, commissioned by Dansox, choreo. by Malgorzata Dzierzon, 15' (2018)



Shudder voice and electronics, commissioned by Carolyn Bolton for Choreodrome, 15' (2021)
Outside of Me, In / Wish That I Could, voice and electronics, created for choreographer Lisa Rowley, 3' (2020)
Shell, 7' and 
Sunken City, 7', voice and electronics, choreographed by Carolyn Bolton for OperaEstate Festival Veneto in Bassano del Grappa, 14' (2019)
Solo Matter, electronics, choreographed by Carolyn Bolton with Mbulelo Ndabeni for Rambert, 13' (2017)
Imaginary Situations, electronics, created for 'your ten thousand eyes' by Julie Cunningham with Rambert at the Southbank Centre, 45' (2017)



Heartland, TBB, commissioned by The Sunday Boys and Corridor of Light Festival with poetry by Deanna Rodger and Robert Montgomery in collaboration with Emergency Exit Arts, 4' (2021)

Behold! carol for SATB chorus with organ or piano, commissioned by Voices of Hope, 3'15'' (2018)

Dust, TBB chorus, written for The Sunday Boys, 2'10" (2017)

1967 in the Red House, TBB with piano, libretto by Rachel Mann, commissioned by The Sunday Boys for '50 Years of Change', 4’ (2017)

Speak Out, SATB chorus with piano, commissioned by the Sage YMP for Quay Voices, 8' (2017)

Fall, Leaves, Fall, SSA chorus with piano, 4’30’’ (2016)

If I Have Not Love, double mixed chorus, written for a workshop with the BBC Singers, 3’ (2014)



Federalizing Zoo, wind ensemble, 5' (2017)


To the Shore, fanfare for 3 trumpets, commissioned for the opening of the Glyndebourne Festival 1'30'' (2022)

Dust Mouth, string quartet, composed for the Piatti Quartet 6' (2021)

Uptake, alto saxophone, bass guitar and piano, commissioned for PRiSM 8Cubed and premiered by Riot Ensemble, 3'30'' (2020)

Hrakningar, flute, viola and bassoon, co-commissioned by Nordic Viola and sound Festival, 6'30'' (2018)

Requiem for Gaia / String quartet no. 1, 17' (2013-18)

The Green Blade, oboe trio, 10’ (2015)

Dawn Horizon, brass quartet, 5’ (2015)



From the River, mezzo-soprano and piano, commissioned by Glyndebourne, 12' (2019)

Time and Travel Song Cycle, bass-baritone and guitar, 18’ (2016)

Fridge Poetry Song Cycle, soprano and piano, 10’ (2014)



The Pilgrims at Luke Copse, soprano and piano, commissioned by Rachel Mann, 5' (2017)

The Windhover, tenor and piano / soprano, clarinet, harp and double bass, 5' (2016)

To Margot Heinemann, mezzo-soprano and piano, 4’30’’ (2015)

Four Sunflowers, mezzo-soprano and piano, 5’ (2015)

Winds of Iona, a cappella folk song, 3' (2013)

Caedmon’s Hymn, a cappella folk song, 2' (2012)


13.8 Billion Years, soprano saxophone, commissioned by Riot Ensemble and HCMF for Amy Green, 5' (2020)

Glitch, solo clarinet, written for Psappha's 'Composing For' with Dov Goldberg, 4' (2019)

Knocking, solo harp/clarsach, premiered and published by Eira Lynn Jones, 2'30'' (2019)

 Five Miniatures, solo piano, 6' (2017)

In the Beginning was the Word, solo piano, 3’ (2015)

Tanz, solo recorder, 2’30’’ (2014)

Dad, I Broke the Radio, solo piano, 5’ (2014)



Human (EP), Future Dream (EP), 2020 (EP), Alien (EP) and Paper (EP) by Norrisette (2020-22)

The Impossible Piano series of miniatures for synthesized piano (2015-18)



For the Love of Ava, short film (2018)



Saxagon, alto saxophone and oboe with percussion and guitar, collab with Miranda Rimmer for Brighter Sound 'Wonder Materials' residency (2016)

Levitating Frog, vocals and band. Collab Jack Ross, Anna Meredith, Miranda Rimmer, MONKOORA for Brighter Sound 'Wonder Materials' residency (2016)

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