Joss Arnott (2018 onwards)

Anna has been collaborating with Joss Arnott dance company. You can watch a trailer about their collaboration below:

CUE (2018) : Malgorzata Dzierzon

Anna collaborated with choreographer Malgorzata Dzierzon to create a 15-minute piece for Motion and Meaning as part of St Hilda's College, Oxford's 125th Anniversary celebrations. This piece, CUE, was commissioned by Dansox to be performed by Ensemble Klang and dancers Piedad Albarracin Seiquer and Liam Riddick in July 2018.

Motion and Meaning  Review (July 2018)

Rambert Music Fellowship 2016/17

Anna was composer-in-residence, or Music Fellow, with Rambert Dance Company for a year in 2016/17. She blogged about her experiences and you can read these blogs below:


Blog 1: Perpetual Movement


Blog 2: What Makes Good Music for Dance?

Blog 3: Q&A


Blog 4: Five Pieces


Imaginary Situations (2017) : Julie Cunningham

Imaginary Situations is a 47-minute electronic track using samples of the South Bank which Anna created to accompany Julie Cunningham & Company's Rambert-commissioned performance your ten thousand eyes on the roof of the Southbank Centre in August 2017. It was performed 6 times.

Solo Matter (2017) : Carolyn Bolton

As part of Anna's residency as Rambert Music Fellow in 2016/17, she worked with dancer/choreographer Carolyn Bolton to create a solo for Mbulelo Ndabeni. The result is an immersive electronic track that accompanies Ndabeni. It was performed at the National Theatre River Stage in August 2017.

Cohan Collective (2016) / Citizens of Nowhere (2017) : Dane Hurst

Anna was a composer in residence at the Cohan Collective in 2016/17, working with four choreographers including Dane Hurst, for whom she went on to write an opera, Citizens of Nowhere.

Image by Pari Naderi

This opera-ballet initially grew out of workshops that Dane Hurst and Anna Appleby had participated in at the Cohan Collective in 2016. Citizens of Nowhere is the end result of that collaboration. The opera-ballet had two preview performances at Rambert and at Ignition Dance Festival, before being premiered in full with conductor Simon Robertshaw at RADA Studios in August 2017 as part of Tête à Tête Opera Festival. The production was funded by Arts Council England's Grants for the Arts, Sheila Forbes CBE and crowdfunding.


Tête à Tête Review (August 2017)



Ignition Dance Festival Review (June 2017)

Image by Claire Shovelton 2017
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